About the Author of Merry Children Books

As specified in the initial pages of the website, the author of Merry Children Books had initially begun this initiative when he wasn’t that in time, his writing would become so popular among children and their parents.

Versed in the art of writing ever since high school, the author has also attended the university of Literature and Foreign Languages, and this background has ensured that his writing skills are not only imaginative, but also correct from all standard points of view. To add to that, his constant inclination for literature and story writing has made him to focus his dissertation on the art of storytelling and this has contributed tremendously to the way that he writes his stories.

One might ask him why did he choose stories for children and the answer is because the fact that he always had an underlying fascination for fairy tales and fantasy stories which he used to read as a child himself. Furthermore, his choice of literary genera and writing style also reflects the fact that he has spent much of his time in the woods near the cottage where he grew up, and the influence of the nature and landscape present there is very apparent in almost all of his stories.

He has declared numerous times that the main purpose of his stories is to “open the eyes” of children and help them learn through their imagination to the point where they wouldn’t feel alone even when they spend time with themselves. This idea sprung to his mind as he constantly observed the rather lonely and sad nature that the modern technology leaves upon the children who immerse themselves when using various electronic devices. A way to combat such sadness is to read and construct a reader’s universe into the mind, which can serve the purpose of fascinating one to the point of defeating boredom.