Addressed Themes and Motifs

This page will deal with some of the most prominent and easy to uncover aspects and subjects that are covered in most stories presented in the Merry Children Bodownloadoks, which will stand out quite well and readers might identify them right from the beginning.

One of the most striking aspects that characterize the Merry Children Books stories is the fact that they are written from the perspective of a female character, although the real author is male and some of its initial proofreaders weren’t aware that the author was actually male. This is due to the fact that the subtleties and idiosyncrasies which make up a human character are so well portrayed by the author.

The main theme which is addressed in the stories is that of the lone adventurer, which has a constant battle with both his inner self and the elements and other characters he encounters along the way in his quest for the absolute. This theme will be seen throughout the series of stories, as the author relates strongly to his little “adventures” he once had during his childhood, in the forests where he grew up.

Yet another theme that is well portrayed in the stories is the one of eternal love for nature and its beings. Almost all the heroes and characters that are presented in the Merry Children Books stories, share the same common love for the natural environment and all its inhabitants. This theme also goes back to the fact that the author was once part of a scout’s team, where he managed to acquire a true sense for nature and all the wonderful things it offers.

The main motif is one of self-discovery, through the adventures that might carry one through uncharted lands, both spiritually and physically, but scaled down and fantasized for children to be able to appreciate them.