Popular Children Books Written by Japanese Authors

One of the best ways to spend time with your children is by reading to them, and they also love reading to you. Sharing a good book with a child is just a wonderful experience to cherish. Below is a compilation of all-time favourite children’s books by Japanese authors that will start your child’s library. These books will teach your child more about the wonder that is Japanese culture, respect and love for all civilizations. Plus, these are children’s books that most parents and children love, time-tested classics that will make your reading time more special.

shutterstock_365175962Best All-Time Favourite Children’s Books by Japanese Authors

Starting off, is ‘Finding Little Sister’ by Yoriko Tsutsui that contains sweet and appealing illustrations of five-year-old Naomi who has to look for her lost little sister. The moral of the book is responsibility. Second is ‘The Falling Flowers’ by Jennifer B. Reed, which is a great introduction for children into the Japanese culture and shows the typical strong relationship between children and their grandparents. No children’s book list would be complete without a mention of ‘Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog’ by Pamela S. Turner that commemorates the braveness of a dog. These books and gaines-cpa.com will help your child understand more about the Japanese culture.

Still More Books Available

How about a Japanese superhero? The ‘Sumo Boy’ by Hirotaka Nakagawa features an unlikely hero who swoops in to save the day. In addition, there is an illustrated glossary of various sumo moves at the back for the child who is interested. If your child is an animal lover, he or she will surely love ‘Guri and Gura’ by Rieko Nakagawa. Since 1963, Japanese children of between four to eight years have been charmed by the two field mice that have to save the day by, wait for it, eating! Great illustrations, interesting plots; Japanese children’s books make for excellent reads any time. So go ahead and grab one today.