Proposals and Suggestions for Books

Although there is a dedicated testimonials and reviews page, where people can leave their opinions and reviews about the books from the Merry Children Books collection, this page was constructed exclusively for submitting proposals,childrens-books-1246675_960_720 ideas and suggestions for the stories which are offered in the books, from the perspective of the readers.

Those who have read the stories will be able to take part in the revision process personally, by indicating the areas where there are potential weaknesses and mistakes, areas which can be subjected to improvements. Since almost all the stories undergo a constant revision process, the author releases revised editions, where several elements from the stories are changed and adjusted according to the mistakes and issues identified in the initial releases.

Since the author has decided to allow the readers to become involved in the revision process, this means that those who have identified issues and potential improvements in the books that they have read can actually have their proposed solutions and suggestions featured in the revised editions. As with the reviews and opinions page, this page will also enable people to write their ideas and suggestions using a predefined form, where one can classify the proposed suggestions into several categories, for easy sorting when it comes to the editor’s side.

No idea or suggestion is too little or insignificant to be ignored and this is why Merry Children Books’s author, and editors insist on people sending in their findings and suggestions regarding any of the stories presented in the books of the collection. This can be of great help for the revision and improvement process and this way, readers will have the chance to take part in the creation process personally, which is no small feat, considering today’s harsh rules when it comes to exclusive and personal content in publications.