Purchase Your Favorite Book

In order to offer purchasing tips and guidance to those who are interested in buying a book from the Merry Children Books collection, this page was designed and the website owner hopes that it will be of good use to those who wish to do the needful.7penguins_minjeekim_merrymj_5_905

Once they have decided on one or more of their favorite books that they want to buy, users can use the virtual basket system, and add the preferred books into it. After that, they have the option to dismiss the basket and resume the purchasing process or go straight for the checkout option, which will allow them to define the order details such as delivery and payment processes.

Selecting the checkout option in the virtual basket will take users to a different interface, where they will be able to provide customer credentials, corresponding addresses and other specifications, such as the preferred postage and delivery methods, as well as other details, which can be added in a dedicated text entry section.

After completely filling all the necessary details, people can then proceed to the payment option, which will allow them to either use their credit cards, PayPal accounts or wire transfer methods for completing the payment. No matter what they choose, after the payment has been registered with the Merry Children Books website, they will be notified on the provided email address about the receipt of payment and product dispatch.

All orders that are placed during the working days will be processed and dispatched no longer than the next working day, and in case the customers place their order on Fridays, the products will be dispatched on Mondays. Everyone is welcome to add the preferred books to the virtual basket and head for the checkout lane and if they encounter issues, the support staff will always be there to offer prompt and responsive help.