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Those who appreciate Merry Children Books and love the stories offered through them, are all invited to share the news with their friends, acquaintances, relatives or even close relatives. The author will be more than grateful to all those who manage to make Merry Children Books even more popular than they aretoddler_holding_book, since through these initiatives, not only the books will be better sold, but more and more children will be able to benefit from the good influence they have.

Returning to the sad impact which current high-tech devices such as tablets and mobile phones have on children’s thinking and imagination, the popularization of the books will also imply that these issues will be better addressed, from more directions, since more and more children will be encouraged to read and develop their intrinsic imagination.

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All those who refer the books to others by using the direct website link or the page for the individual books, will enter a contest which offers monthly prizes for the top three sharing contributors. This will be determined using the IPs that are associated with those who are performing the referral process, this way ensuring an accurate sharing count and establishing the rankings automatically.

Since “Sharing is Caring”, the author of Merry Children Books wishes to express his gratitude to all those who help him by sharing the books and letting others know about the collection.