Why Choose Merry Children Books?

On this special page, people will find some information that might be useful in order to make them aware about the uniqueness of the Merry Children Books, and why purchasing one book from the collection is a well-thought decision.download-1

First and foremost, since all the books are printed on recycled paper, the environmental aspects are covered right from the start and this can be of great reassurance for those who wish to contribute to improving the planet’s environmental situation when making such purchases. It is well known that forest clearing and its main product – paper, is due to be in constant demand for printed materials. Therefore, by using recycled paper, Merry Children Books avoid any environmental issues.

Secondly, all the illustrations and drawings which are constructed to accompany the stories presented in the books are made by hand by the author himself, who beside his literary talent, also has a very good artistic eye and has always been passionate about painting. Therefore, when purchasing a Merry Children Books book, one also purchases a piece of visual art, which is unique, as all the illustrations are made differently by the author.

One other important aspect that distinguishes Merry Children Books from other similar publications is the fact that they are one of the very few who offer readers the possibility to provide input for the read stories, and therefore take part in the writing process for revised or future editions of already published works. This is enticing for passionate readers, who will be able to help the author this way, and take part into an improvement process for all published books.

In the end, all the stories in Merry Children Books have a unique blend between fantasy and real life situations, being also educational for their readers, who can oftentimes identify themselves with the characters.